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002 EMDA - The Avenue Coking Works

Chesterfield, Derbyshire

East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA)

Remediation and regeneration

Services provided:
Land Quality Endorsement

"We rely on NHBC for their technical expertise & knowledge, helping us to stay compliant and to reduce costs."
Neil Goodwin, MD, Barratt Manchester

Land Quality Endorsement


The former Avenue Coking Works near Chesterfield is widely regarded as one of the most heavily contaminated former industrial sites in Europe.

The site, which covers approximately 100 hectares, has an industrial history that dates back over 100 years. This includes coal mining activities, an iron works and more recently coking and chemical works that closed down in the early 1990s. That legacy has left large areas of the site containing waste deposits from these industrial processes, including lagoons and waste tips.

In order to mitigate the risks of further contamination to sensitive receptors, and to bring the site back to beneficial use, remediation works are now being undertaken. Around three-quarters of the site will eventually be returned to open space, community and ecological uses; with the remainder being used for residential and commercial development. NHBC will provide Land Quality Endorsement services throughout the five-year duration of the remediation scheme. NHBC involvement will include regular review of remedial works and verification testing undertaken (geochemical and geotechnical) to ensure that the finished "development platform" will be acceptable for Buildmark warranty cover and therefore for future residential and commercial use.

Site remediation activities in the development area will include considerable excavation and earthworks activities, with some excavated materials potentially being subject to high temperature Thermal Desorption remediation.

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