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Guidance on Evaluation of Development Proposals On Site where Methane and Carbon Dioxide are Present.


In recognition of the need for guidance on the best practice methods of dealing with sites where ground gases are present, NHBC commissioned the RSK Group PLC to produce a document principally for use as an internal guidance. However, the guidance is equally relevant to all parties/stakeholders involved in the consideration of land assigned to residential development potentially affected by ground gases. One of the principal drivers for the guidance relates to the changes in Approved Document C, published in December 2004, which saw the removal of prescriptive values of gas concentrations and the introduction of a risk based approach for the management of land gases, methane and carbon dioxide.

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The NHBC/RSK Report aims to provide the latest advice on the management of residential developments impacted by hazardous ground gases. The report provides advice on the sources, risks, migration paths, investigation, monitoring methodologies and risk assessment associated with ground gases. Additionally, advice is provided on gas protection measures and validation of post installation measures, together with the introduction of the Traffic Light System to assist in the selection of the appropriate gas protection system.

Your attention is also drawn to the recently published (Dec 2006) CIRIA publication C659 - Assessing risks posed by hazardous ground gases to buildings which is available via the CIRIA website

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