NHBC environmental noise consultancy Expert advice to discharge PPG24 or PAN 01/2011 conditions

Sites in noisy locations (e.g. near to roads or train lines) may be subject to noise-related planning conditions. We are experienced in providing environmental noise advice on a wide range of projects from small residential developments to large, multi-residential, mixed-use or commercial sites. Our team provides:

  • fast response, quick results - we have expert staff located throughout the UK to provide a fast response and the reports you need to fit in with your schedule
  • expert advice to ensure compliance - in addition to categorising your site in terms of its noise exposure category (NEC) as per PPG24*, we can also calculate the anticipated internal noise levels and help specify acoustic performance requirements for noise barriers (if necessary), façade construction, windows/doors/ ventilator performance
  • early advice to avoid costly remedial work later on - seeking expert acoustic advice early in the life of a project can make a great deal of difference. We have sometimes been asked to help after the development has been completed. Whilst we can help at this late stage, it can involve substantial and costly additional works such as changing windows/ventilators.

*Scotland's PAN 01/2011 has similar requirements

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When do you need an environmental noise survey and what's involved?

Surveys are best carried out before work starts on site as we need to measure the background noise level present due to nearby environmental noise sources and not the noise generated by construction activities.

The survey will usually involve installing data-logging sound level meters at locations around the site. These will be left un-manned to take readings for a 24/48+ hour period. Additional manned measurements are made as necessary and the data-logging equipment collected, downloaded and data processed back at the office to produce a technical report.

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