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NHBC Home User Guide


What does NHBC HUG do for you?

You're already working hard to make sure that your customers feel valued throughout the sales process. As a professional, well-designed online product, HUG impresses your new home buyers and helps you to maintain excellent service levels beyond plot reservation, through completion and beyond.

"NHBC HUG is fantastic compared to the paperwork we used to handover. The most useful part if that the guide is tailored to each individual person and their home, which should reduce customer queries in the future."

Dawn Homes (Scotland)

NHBC HUG enhances your customer communication and improves your customer journey. It allows you to provide a professional, online homeowner portal without the development costs.


Maintain customer contact after completion

You're already working hard to make sure that your customers feel valued throughout the sales process. Are you doing enough to make sure this continues after completion? By providing HUG, you're telling your customers that you really want them to get the most from their new home. It's a means of maintaining a link with your customers long after you've handed over the keys.

Your brand in mind for longer

HUG is co-branded with your logo. If you prefer, we can add your own brand colours and styling so that it's consistent with all your other marketing materials. HUG is a professional, well-designed online service which is entirely consistent with the brand impression and service levels you want to convey.

Your brand in mind for longer
Reduces your post-completion queries

Reduces your
post-completion queries

By proactively providing your home buyers with high quality, detailed information about their new home, HUG provides ready-made answers to many of the typical post-completion enquiries. This reduces calls and frees up time for your customer services team.

Quality, personalised information

HUG contains all the information your new home buyers will need to move in and run their new home. The content is consistent across your whole development yet personalised to each plot to provide your buyers with information about their new home that will serve them for years to come.

Quality, personalised information

Helps compliance with the Consumer Code

By providing full details of your after-sales service contacts and detailed information about the Buildmark warranty, NHBC HUG helps you fulfil some of your obligations under the Consumer Code for Homebuilders in a ready-made and easily accessible format.

"We have provided NHBC HUG to customers on all our new sites. It looks very professional and makes our customer care pack that we insert into HUG look even better. It is really good because the customer has all the information they need to hand."

Russell Armer Ltd

Technology info saves you time at handover

Explaining to homeowners how to keep modern ventilation, heating and energy systems running efficiently can be time-consuming (and often complicated). HUG now includes easy-to-read guides that explain to homeowners how to get the best of the technology that’s integrated into their new home, saving you time at handover.

Technology saving time at handover