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Galliers’ homeowners get ready for their new homes with NHBC’s HUG

Straddling the ancient border between England and Wales, Shrewsbury-based developer Galliers Homes prides itself on the quality of the advice it offers before a sale, the support it provides during the development process and the care it delivers after the sale of a home has been completed.


As part of its commitment to exceptional customer service, Galliers has adopted NHBC’s Home User Guide (HUG) platform. A HUG replaces traditional, paper-based homeowner welcome packs with a personalised online portal that gives homeowners all the information they need for their new homes, in a way that’s secure and simple to navigate.

“We have now almost reached the position where we have replaced traditional paper welcome packs,” says Di Peatroy, Galliers’ HUG Administrator. “Our homeowners are delighted that they now have all the information they require regarding their new home, prior to handover – from the brick that their new home is built with, to carpet colour choices and tiling options, or instructions on how to use their heating and boiler. Our customers are very happy that we’ve taken an online approach, and are welcoming their HUG.”

As the person who has actively implemented the new software, Di is pleased that it has been a relatively stress-free transition. “Like any new system, HUG has raised some challenging issues and increased our workload, but in a very positive way and only while we were getting to grips with it. It is now saving me a lot of time and is part of my daily routine.”

Taking the first steps

Implementing HUG was straightforward, Di explains. “We had numerous meetings with representatives of each department within our company – construction, commercial, marketing, aftercare, administration and sales, – pulling together ideas and creating a template of contents and data that we felt our homeowners would want to see within their HUG,” she says. “We had great support from NHBC during this set-up phase, and continue to enjoy this support now.”

NHBC still plays an active role in the delivery of Galliers’ HUG platform. “NHBC has been setting up HUGs for each of our developments, and prepopulating some of the data for us, enabling me to focus on the input of plot-specific data and homeowner information,” says Di. “We have worked together very efficiently, and when I have an issue, the team at NHBC are on hand to offer support and solutions and, more importantly, show me how it’s done, alleviating the need for support with similar issues in the future. The system is very user-friendly, both for the administrator and the homeowner, and this has given me the confidence to promote it in the knowledge that our homeowners are getting the information that they need and will appreciate.”

Part of the process

Having been successfully tested and implemented, HUG has been live for Galliers developments and plots since January 2016. “Our developments vary in size, but we have a number that are ongoing, as well as ambitious plans for the next few years,” she explains. “You could say that there will be a lot of hugging going on!”

From Di’s perspective, HUG has fitted in nicely with the way that the Galliers team works. “We are very focused on, and committed to, customer satisfaction, both as an industry and as a company, and HUG has fitted in neatly with that approach,” she observes.

Adding HUG has simplified the process of buying a home from Galliers. “The feedback has been very positive from our homeowners,” she concludes. “We welcome homeowners to their new homes with a set of keys, a bottle of champagne and a HUG, rather than more documents and paperwork.”

Help in an emergency

Galliers has a 24-hour helpline in operation for its homeowners. “We have, of course, got our helpline in place but could potentially see a drop in call volume in the future, as it is now easier to log on to the HUG and search for that user manual or the right emergency number, rather than rely on the important numbers pinned to noticeboards. We hope that our homeowners will not be reaching for the phone as quickly or as often.”

Having the right information in a format that’s easy to find means that homeowners can solve a far higher proportion of their issues themselves, even at three in the morning. From a business point of view, this keeps costs down and, potentially, has a positive influence on customer satisfaction.

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