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NHBC HUG helps Tulloch Homes deliver consistent service

Tulloch Homes has a heritage that stretches back over 90 years. The Inverness-based developer delivers homes of all types and sizes right across Scotland, from modern apartments to luxury five bedroom homes.

Now, it’s keeping up with the times by giving its homeowners access to a personalised NHBC Home User Guide (HUG).

HUG is free to both builders and homeowners. The team at Tulloch has found it simple to implement, customise and integrate into how they work. HUG helps builders deliver exceptional customer service and enjoy cost savings.


Every new home in the UK that’s built by an NHBC registered builder has a secure, online Home User Guide (HUG) created for them.

A HUG is a website that is populated with the specific details of a home. This can include up-to-date information about their warranty and insurance policy and simple, plain-English guides to the technology that’s integrated with their property.

Using HUG to complement and enhance handover

Tulloch was one of the first organisations to adopt NHBC’s HUG platform when it was introduced three years ago.

“From our point of view, creating HUGs for our homeowners is a really simple process,” says Claire Mackay, HR/Payroll Administrator at Tulloch Homes.“You log into the system, add the information that’s relevant to a specific house like the energy performance certificates, the manuals for the white goods, the paint used in the living room or tiles used in the bathroom, and then give the customer access”.

HUGs can replace the hard-copy homeowner packs that are traditionally given to new homeowners, but they don’t have to. The team at Tulloch use HUGs to complement and enhance the homeowner packs that they issue. “It helps us manage the process of creating the hard-copy homeowner packs, which really saves us a great deal of time,” says Claire.

Keeping it simple

Keeping the system as simple as possible has a number of other benefits for the team at Tulloch. “When a homeowner calls with a question, we can get to all the information they need really easily,” says Claire. “I’ve only been using the system a year and I feel like I know my way around it very well and I can answer most homeowner questions quickly, without having to call them back.”

As well as making it quick to find information, having the information stored securely online saves office space. As time goes by and houses are sold on or information simply lost, builders taking advantage of HUGs will be able to call up information for the homes that they’ve built without taking up time working their way through old files. They will also save money that would otherwise be spent on storage facilities for paper files that may or may not ever be needed.

Free to builders

Creating, delivering and maintaining a system like HUG would also be a significant cost to a developer. NHBC offers the basic HUG system free of charge because it helps ensure that the organisation is meeting its responsibilities to the regulators and the homeowners that are covered by Buildmark warranty and insurance policies. NHBC also offers a service where HUG specialists will upload a builder’s data and files into individual HUGs. Homeowners’ HUGs can also be augmented with builders’ corporate colours and logos so that it looks like an extension of a firm’s website.

Constantly developing

The HUG system keeps developing as builders’, regulators’ and homeowners’ requirements and expectations change, but the focus is always going to be on keeping it as simple as possible.

“HUG is updated regularly, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t interfere with the way that I need it to work,” observes Claire. “We get good advance notice if the admin side of the site that we use to build HUGs is going to be unavailable, and new features are added in the evenings so that the site is always available during business hours.”

After a year of working with HUG, Claire is in the process of returning her HUG responsibilities to Tulloch’s sales team. She is confident that the handover will be smooth. “HUG is really straight forward and very easy to use,” she concludes. “It’s simply become part of the way that we work as we deliver quality homes to our homeowners.”

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