Appointed person - lifting operations

Gain an in-depth knowledge of health and safety issues to consider when completing lifting operations on this three-day training course.





Particular focus is given to compliance with Regulation 8 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations and the duties of the Appointed Person.

Who should attend

Principle contractors and contractors who use lifting equipment onsite via a ‘Crane hire’ agreement

Contracts, project, site and assistant site managers or similar roles

What you'll learn

Understand the duties of an Appointed Person and associate lift personnel

Understand the Regulations, and how to interpret the British Standards governing Lifting Operations

Understand the principles of planning and supervision needed for carrying out lifting operations safely on site

Understand the selection and use of lifting accessories

Demonstrate the correct use of manufacturer’s information and crane duty charts.

Benefits to you

On completion of the course and after assessment of your individual competence, you will be able to plan and implement lifting operations safely onsite, following company procedures

This course utilises an extra day to improve skills and knowledge of lifting operations and to be the Appointed Person when it comes to lifting equipment

Initial candidates may need to be supervised/monitored after completion of the course

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