Understanding the benefits of new homes

This training course is designed for sales and other non-technical construction industry staff, to provide a better understanding of new home construction, including the building methods and technologies that set new homes apart from older houses.





This course includes the 'fabric first' approach to energy efficiency in new homes but also includes low and zero carbon technologies such as heat pump, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal installations.

Who should attend

Sales teams

Marketing employees

Any other non-technical staff who wish to gain a greater understanding

What you'll learn

The basics of the home-building process

An introduction to the requirements and regulations for new homes, including how they have changed in recent years

A look at the main build stages - foundations, substructure, drains, superstructure - walls, floors and roofs, roof coverings, first fix, plastering, second fix, finishes and external works

Energy efficient construction methods and airtightness

Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery installations

A review of the more common low and zero carbon technologies

Comparison of new homes against several generations of existing housing stock, with a focus on the improved levels of energy efficiency and reduced running costs

Benefits to you

Feel confident when it comes to talking about the benefits of buying a new house

Be better equipped to answer customer questions

Understand the technical terminology used in the house building industry.

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