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Large, urban, multi-storey projects require specialist skills to be designed and built. Construction professionals involved on such projects need the knowledge and expertise to deliver complicated and often ground-breaking structures, sometimes with intricate designs and using emerging technologies.

That’s why we set up our Major Projects Team with expert project managers, surveyors, engineers and building inspectors – all experienced in the most complex projects – to support our customers involved in this sphere.

When to call in our Major Projects Team

If your project includes a structure of eight or more storeys, you should contact your local Major Projects Manager. The team covers the whole of the UK.

Contact your local Major Projects Manager

Structures over 8 storeys


UK based projects

What you can expect from the Major Projects Team

The team provides a proactive, coordinated, solution-based approach to major construction schemes. They’ll work with you closely from design development, through the construction operations to final completion.

When you choose NHBC, your Major Projects team will be dedicated to solving all the challenges that your complex project may present, with a Senior Major Projects Manager available as your single point of contact should this be useful to you.

Contact your local Major Projects Manager

Who’s in your project team?

The precise make up of your project team will depend on the type of project and your requirements but will typically include:


Senior Major Projects Manager

What to expect:

  • Dedicated NHBC contact throughout the project
  • Technical project management of schemes
  • Performance management of the team
  • Knowledge of Building Regulations and NHBC Standards relating to complex high-rise structures
  • Substantial construction industry experience.

Major Projects Surveyor

What to expect:

  • Key liaison with client design teams
  • Professional project support
  • Undertakes role of Approved Inspector for building control
  • Site inspections and technical assessments for Building Regulations.

Major Projects Engineer

What to expect:

  • Liaison with client design teams
  • Technical assessments
  • Review of foundation and structural designs.

Major Projects Manager

What to expect:

  • Technical project management
  • High-rise risk management experience
  • Key liaison with client design teams
  • Professional project support.

Major Projects Building Inspector

What to expect:

  • Highly experienced and respected building inspector
  • Experience of inspecting complex high rise construction and/or conversion projects
  • Valued technical advice and guidance
  • Attendance at technical design meetings with on site construction teams.

Contact the team

Type in your postcode below to see who the Major Projects contacts are in your area. We suggest you contact your Senior Major Projects Manager in the first instance for an initial discussion on how we can help.

Alternatively, please call us on 0344 633 100 and ask for ‘major projects’.


Senior Major Projects Manager

Major Projects Building Inspector