Why choose Buildmark Connect for mixed use schemes?

Buildmark Connect is our specialist warranty and insurance for the commercial premises in mixed use developments and comes with the same technical support as our popular residential cover.

Benefits of Buildmark Connect cover

Comprehensive cover

Choose Buildmark Connect and the owners of the non-residential premises will be protected with:

  • Cover for the first 2 years after completion if you don't meet your obligations to repair defects or damage 
  • Cover for damage caused by a defect in certain parts of the premises in years
    3 to 10
  • Cover for pre-existing contamination of the land on which the premises are built

More policy information.

Full details in the Current Buildmark Connect policy document

Technical expertise

Our experts provide you with unrivalled and up-to-date technical expertise and support thoughout the construction process.

Trusted by lenders and owners

Buildmark Connect gives reassurance to lenders and owners because it is provided by NHBC.

We cover a range of build types

Buildmark Connect is available to you as a builder or developer if you are planning to build or convert commercial or industrial premises as part of a mixed use development.

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