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As a builder, why should I choose Buildmark?

Buildmark is the market-leading new home warranty and insurance product, developed through over 75 years' experience. Our in-house experts support builders registered with us with unrivalled technical knowledge and support. Buildmark from NHBC is recognised and trusted by lenders and homeowners alike.

Why do homebuyers value Buildmark?

NHBC is the most well known and experienced independent provider of warranty and insurance protection for new homes . Buyers who are purchasing a newly-built home will need cover such as Buildmark in order to secure a mortgage.

Unlike other warranty providers, we do not apply an excess to any section of the Buildmark policy. This means that for a valid claim, if the cost to us is greater than the minimum claim value, we will pay the full amount of the claim. The homeowner will not have to contribute anything towards the cost of putting things right.

What is and what is not covered by Buildmark?

Choose Buildmark and your homebuyers will be covered for:

  • Pre-completion insolvency
  • The NHBC Guarantee and resolution service during the initial 2 year builder warranty period
  • Insurance for physical damage to certain parts of the home in years 3 to 10
  • Protection for certain breaches of Building Regulations if NHBC Building Control Services Ltd is appointed for building control
  • Pre-existing contamination on the land on which their home is built

Buildmark does not provide cover for general wear and tear, condensation, normal shrinkage, cosmetic damage or damage arising from failure to maintain the property.

Full details of what is covered are in the Current Buildmark policy document

What types of project are covered by Buildmark?

Buildmark is designed to protect owners of newly-built or newly-converted private residential housing.

  • If your project is mixed use, you should apply for Buildmark Connect
  • If your project is for affordable housing you should apply for Buildmark Choice
  • If you are working on a self-build project you should apply for Solo
How is the cost of Buildmark calculated?

Once you are registered with NHBC (see Become NHBC registered), you will need to register each plot for Buildmark cover.

The cost is dependent on your premium rating and the selling price of the new homes you are developing.

Registered builders can request a free Buildmark cover guide price with no obligation.

Who can apply for Buildmark?

Buildmark is available to all builders and developers registered with NHBC who wish to build or convert housing for private sale.

When does Buildmark cover start and when does it end?

Buildmark gives protection to the buyer from exchange of contracts if you are not able to start or complete the home due to insolvency or fraud.

Buildmark cover ends on the date on the Buildmark insurance certificate - usually 10 years after the date of legal completion.

What is my liability under Buildmark?

As the builder or developer, you are responsible to rectify damage caused by your failure to build to NHBC Standards which is first reported to you within your liability period (usually the first 2 years following completion).  You must do this within a reasonable time and at your own expense.

For full details of your liability please see the Current Buildmark policy document.

Can cover be transferred to subsequent homeowners on sale?

When the home is sold, the remaining term of cover will automatically transfer to the new owner.

How do I find out more and apply for Buildmark?

To discuss your requirements please call us on 0344 633 1000 and ask for 'Customer Services'.

Registered builders can request a Buildmark cover guide price with no obligation.

For a quotation or to buy Buildmark please complete a SNIN (Site Notification and Initial Notice) form to Register the site with us.

What are the NHBC Standards?
To offer Buildmark cover, you are required to build in accordance with the NHBC Standards which provide a benchmark for acceptable levels of design, material specification and workmanship for newly-built homes registered with NHBC.

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