Buildmark policy details

Choose Buildmark and your new home buyers could benefit from the following warranty and insurance cover.

Before completion

After exchange of contracts your homebuyer is covered if you are not able to start or complete the home due to insolvency or fraud.

During the first 2 years after completion

During this period you are responsible for putting right defects or damage to the home and its common parts, caused by a failure to build to the NHBC Standards. You must do this within a reasonable time and at your own expense.

Our Resolution Service can help if a dispute arises between yourself and a homeowner about defects or damage.

During years 3 to 10 after completion

We provide insurance to cover the cost of putting right physical damage in specified parts of the home. This will start two years after the date on the Buildmark insurance certificate. Homeowners should refer to the full policy document for detailed information on what is covered as well as all the exclusions and limitations that apply.

What parts of the home are covered by Buildmark?

These parts of the home are covered:

  • Foundations, walls, external cladding, curtain walling, external render and external vertical tile hanging, roofs, ceilings, balconies, load-bearing parts of the floors, flues, chimneys and access steps, to the main structure.
  • Staircases, floor decking and screeds to the inside of the main structure, if they fail to support normal loads.
  • Retaining walls, if they are necessary for the structural stability of the main structure.
  • Double- or triple-glazing panes to outside windows and outside doors, to the main structure, if newly installed at the completion date.
  • Below-ground drainage for which the homeowner is responsible.

The homeowner is also covered for alternative accommodation costs if they need to move out of their home while repair work is being done.


Building Regulations

If you appoint NHBC Building Control Services Ltd to undertake your Building Control, your buyers will also be covered for certain breaches of some Building Regulations if they pose a danger to the health and safety of the occupants.

Contaminated land

Buildmark also protects homeowners if they are served, or are likely to be served, a Statutory Notice about contamination of the land that existed at completion.

What's not covered?

Buildmark does not cover general wear and tear, condensation, normal shrinkage, cosmetic damage or damage arising from failure to maintain the property. Homeowners should refer to the full policy document for detailed information on what is covered, all the exclusions and limitations that apply.

Full policy document

For full details of the Buildmark policy, please read the policy document:

Current Buildmark policy document

This particular sample document applies to new homes registered from 1 April 2018. If you need a copy of a policy for a home registered before this date please call us on 0344 633 1000 and ask for 'Customer Services'.

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