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Why choose Solo for self build projects?

Solo is our policy designed specifically to tackle the particular risks of self building.  It's exclusively for people who plan to build (or contract a builder not registered with NHBC to build) a home for their own occupation.

It's available for new homes up to a maximum of 400m² and building work must be started within one year of the date we accept your application and completed within two years of the date your foundations are concreted.

Please note: If you select an NHBC registered builder to build your home or if you are building a home for immediate sale, then you must use our Buildmark policy.

See Custom-build in these circumstances

Benefits of Solo cover

Comprehensive cover

Solo gives you cover during and after your project is finished.

  • Before completion your foundations, substructure and drainage are covered, subject to a minimum claim value, for damage caused by a defect.
  • For the 10 years after completion most parts of the home are covered, for damage caused by a defect, subject to a minimum claim value.

More policy information.

Full details in the Current Solo policy document

Technical expertise

When you choose Solo, we will send you a copy of the NHBC Standards. These provide a benchmark for the acceptable levels of design, material specification and workmanship for newly-built homes registered with us. 

Trusted by your lender

With a Solo policy covering your new build, you will find it easier to get finance as lenders trust NHBC warranties.

Trusted by future buyers

Sell your property within 10 years and the new owner will benefit from the remaining term of the cover. Your buyer will value the benefits this gives them and this will make your home more saleable in the future.


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