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As a self builder, why should I choose Solo?

NHBC is the market-leader in new home warranties.  Our Solo cover is designed exclusively for self builders.  Although it does not cover every risk, we believe it is the most comprehensive and cost effective method to control the risk of building failures.

What type of project is covered by Solo?

Solo is designed to offer protection for individuals who plan to build a new home for their own occupation. With Solo you have the freedom to arrange for the building work to be done by contractors (not registered with NHBC) of your own choosing or to carry out the build work yourself. Solo is not available to homes that are conversions, part conversions or if green oak is incorporated into the construction. Solo is for new homes up to a maximum of 400m².

If you plan to use an NHBC registered builder or if you are building a home for immediate sale then you will need our Buildmark policy. See Custom-build in these circumstances

Can I apply for Solo for my conversion?

Unfortunately Solo can be used for new builds only and not for conversions.

What is and what is not covered by Solo?

Solo gives you cover during and after your project is finished.

  • Before completion your foundations, substructure and drainage are covered, subject to a minimum claim value, for damage caused by a defect.
  • For the 10 years after completion most parts of the home are covered, from newly-built underground drainage items to the roof tiles.

Full details of what is covered are in the Current Solo policy document

Solo does not provide any compensation for losses arising from overpayment, for contractor insolvency or for work not completed for any other reason.
Does Solo cover all risks?

There are some risks which Solo does not cover.  We strongly recommend that you obtain professional advice regarding the following:

  • Any contracts you enter into with regards to the project
  • Public and Employers Liability
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Title Guarantee
  • Personal Accident Insurance

NHBC cannot provide any advice on these matters. Your own broker should be able to provide further information.

Solo does not provide a site supervision or clerk of works service; you must not rely on NHBC inspections for these purposes.

Will Solo help me to arrange finance?
Yes. Mortgage lenders prefer to lend on homes that have a structural warranty because they know that the home will have been built in accordance with specified standards of construction.
How is the cost of Solo calculated?

Each project is costed individually and is dependent on the floor area of your project and the optional services you require.

Who can apply for Solo?

We are no longer taking new applications for Solo 2015. To discuss your current application, please call 0844 633 1000 and ask for 'customer services'

What happens after you receive my application?

We acknowledge receipt of your application and fee and send the details to your local NHBC inspector. They will then contact you to arrange an appraisal meeting, to be held on your site no later than 21 days from receipt of the application.

On site, the inspector will discuss your project with you, answer any queries you may have and identify potential problem areas. At this meeting the inspector will explain the importance of our Stage Completion inspections and the accompanying Certificates (SCCs).

At this stage, either you or NHBC can decide not to continue with the application if the scheme does not meet respective requirements. Any payments will be refunded in full.

If both parties decide to proceed, we will agree a start date and send you the insurance documents with a VAT receipt. The inspector will then ask you to contact him directly to book your first and subsequent key stage inspections.

Are there any restrictions on the time taken to start and complete the building work?
Building work must be started within one year of the date we accept your application and completed within two years of the date your foundations are concreted.
Can cover be transferred to subsequent homeowners on sale?

When the home is sold, the remaining term of cover will automatically transfer to the new owner.

What are the NHBC Standards?

As a Solo customer, you will be required to build in accordance with the NHBC Standards which provide a benchmark for acceptable levels of design, material specification and workmanship for newly-built homes registered with NHBC.

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