Solo inspection process

Before you start to build, one of our inspectors will work with you, visit your plot, discuss your project and answer any questions you may have about the cover.

During the build phase, your inspector will carry out stage completion inspections at pre-defined stages to check that the work meets the NHBC Standards so that cover can be issued on completion.  Our inspector does not provide a project management or site supervisory service.

Stage completion certificates

Your inspector will explain the importance of our stage completion inspections and the Stage Completion Certificates (SCCs), which are issued throughout the build. 

We issue the first certificate after the substructure is completed. The last is issued after the final stage inspection, prior to us sending you your Solo insurance certificate.  You can use these SCCs to request further releases of funds from your lender.

At all times we will keep you informed of issues arising. We give you a free site record book to keep track of findings, progress and useful contacts.

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