Solo policy details

Please see below for a summary of the Solo cover we provide:

Please note: If you select an NHBC registered builder to build your home or if you are building a home for immediate sale, then you must use our Buildmark policy .

See Custom-build in these circumstances

Before completion

We will pay the cost, subject to a minimum claim value, of putting right physical damage caused by a defect in the foundations or substructure of your home.

We also pay the cost of repairing and/or reinstating any other work affected by putting right the defective work in the foundations or substructure.

After completion for 10 years

In the 10 years following completion, Solo covers the cost of putting right, subject to a minimum claim value, damage caused by a defect in most parts of the home.

These parts of the home are covered:

  • Foundations
  • Load-bearing walls
  • Non load-bearing partition walls
  • Wet-applied wall plaster
  • External render and external vertical tile hanging
  • Load-bearing parts of the roof
  • Tile and slate coverings to pitched roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Load-bearing parts of the floors
  • Staircases and internal floor decking and screeds where these fail to support normal loads
  • Newly built retaining walls necessary for the structural stability of the home
  • Double or triple glazing panes to external windows and doors
  • Newly built below-ground drainage for which you are responsible

We will also cover the cost of putting right defects to a flue or chimney if they cause a present or imminent danger to the physical health and safety of the occupants. 

We also cover reasonable costs you incur, with prior agreement with us, for removal, storage and appropriate alternative accomodation if it is necessary for you to move out of the home while repair work is completed.

What is the minimum claim value

Unlike most insurers, we operate a minimum claim value rather than a policy excess for Solo.

This means that if your claim will cost more than the minimum claim value stated in your policy, we will pay your claim in full and there is nothing for you to pay.

However, in order to be valid, the cost of your claim must exceed the minimum claim value. This is the amount specified in Section 3 of your policy, increased to allow for the effects of inflation.

To find out the minimum claim value that currently applies to your policy, please call us on 0800 633 1000 and ask for 'Claims'. 


Building Regulations

All homes, including self built homes, must comply with Building Regulations.

What's not covered?

Solo does not provide any compensation for losses arising from overpayment, for contractor insolvency or for work not completed for any other reason.  There are other exclusions and limitations to the cover and you should read the full policy document for the details.

Full policy document

For full details of the Solo policy, please read this policy document:

Solo policy document

This particular sample document applies to newly built self build properties from 01 September 2005. If you need a copy of a policy for a home requested before this date, please call us on 0344 633 1000 and ask for 'Customer Services'.

Our complaints procedure

Our commitment is to provide a claims handling and resolution service that is effective, professional, courteous and prompt.

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your claim, we have a full complaints procedure set out in our Claims Charter.

We will take your complaint seriously and ensure that there is an independent review.

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