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What does Buildmark cover?

Below is an overview of the Buildmark cover we currently provide.  Please check the terms of your own policy documents to find out what specific cover, limitations and exceptions apply for your home. 

Insurance before completion

The builder is responsible for completing the home to NHBC Standards.  After exchange of contracts if, because of insolvency or fraud, your builder does not start or complete building your new home, we will reimburse your deposit or arrange for the home to be completed in line with the NHBC Standards.

We will pay up to a maximum of 10% of the purchase price or £100,000, whichever is less. 

During the first 2 years - builder warranty and NHBC Guarantee

The builder is responsible for putting right any damage caused by their failure to build to the NHBC Standards.

What is the builder liable for?
  • The builder should put right, within a reasonable time and at their own expense, any damage caused to your home which is notified to them during the relevant notification period.  
  • If you have to move out of your home so that work can be done, the builder, by prior arrangement, should meet any reasonable costs you incur for removal, storage and appropriate alternative accommodation. 
  • If the builder has been notified of damage during this period of cover, then they remain liable to put it right even after this period has expired.
What is the builder not liable for?

Below are some things the builder is not liable for. Please refer to your Buildmark policy document for the full list.

  • Wear and tear, neglect and failure to do the appropriate maintenance
  • Damp, condensation and shrinkage not resulting from the builder's failure to comply with the NHBC Standards
  • Storms and severe weather conditions, flooding and changes in the water-table level
  • Fire and smoke
  • Anything specifically excluded on your Buildmark insurance certificate
  • Anything done to your home or your land after the completion date, except for the work done by your builder or NHBC to fulfil responsibilities under Buildmark
  • If you are not the first owner, anything which you knew about when you acquired the home and which resulted in a reduction in the purchase price you paid or which was taken into account in any other arrangement.

There is no excess or minimum claim value for this part of the policy.

Resolution Service

If there is a dispute between you and the builder about work to be done, then we may be able to offer our Resolution Service to assist in resolving disputes about defects or damage relating to the NHBC Standards.

NHBC Guarantee

If the builder cannot meet their obligations because they are insolvent or they don't comply with an NHBC resolution report or court judgement against them relating to their obligations under Buildmark, we will complete the work on their behalf or alternatively, if we choose to, we will pay what it would have cost us to have the work done.

During years 3 to 10 - insurance after the builder warranty

We provide insurance to cover the cost of putting right any physical damage to the home caused by the builder failing to comply with the NHBC requirements.

What parts of the home are covered?

These parts of the home are covered:

  • Foundations, walls, external cladding, curtain walling, external render and external vertical tile hanging, roofs, ceilings, balconies, load-bearing parts of the floors, flues, chimneys and access steps, to the main structure.
  • Staircases, floor decking and screeds, to the inside of the main structure, if they fail to support normal loads.
  • Retaining walls, if they are necessary for the structural stability of the main structure.
  • Double- or triple-glazing panes to outside windows and outside doors, to the main structure, if newly installed at the completion date.
  • Below-ground drainage for which you are responsible.

You are also covered for alternative accommodation costs if you need to move out of your home while repair work is being done.

Minimum claim value during years 3-10

Unlike most insurers, we operate a minimum claim value rather than a policy excess. This means that if the cost of your claim exceeds the minimum claim value we will do the work or pay the cost in full and you will not have to make any contribution. However, if the cost of your claim does not exceed the minimum claim value we will not do any work or pay any costs.

The amount of the minimum claim value will depend on when your home was built. You should refer to your policy document or call us for confirmation of the amount of the minimum claim value that applies to your home.

Building Regulations

If the builder appointed NHBC Building Control Services Ltd to inspect their site for compliance with Building Regulations, your Buildmark policy will also cover you against certain breaches of some Building Regulations if they pose a danger to the physical health and safety of the occupants.  Your insurance certificate will show if this cover applies.

Contaminated land

There may be additional cover under Buildmark if you have been, or are likely to be, served with a Statutory Notice about contamination of the land that your home is built on.  The contamination of the land must have existed at the time of completion of your home.  Other terms and conditions apply, so to find out more, please call us on 0800 035 6422 and ask for 'Claims'.

What's not covered?

Buildmark does not cover general wear and tear, condensation, normal shrinkage, cosmetic damage or damage arising from failure to maintain the property.  You should refer to your policy document for information on all the exclusions and limitations that apply.

Full policy document

For full details of the Buildmark policy, please read this policy document:

Current Buildmark policy document

This particular sample document applies to new homes registered from 01 April 2017. If you need a copy of a policy for a home registered before this date, find your policy document.


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