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Welcome to the NHBC MMC Hub

The resource centre for Modern
Methods of Construction

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What is MMC?

At NHBC, we identify MMC as offsite manufacture, innovative technologies and other non-conventional methods of construction that form the structure and envelope of the home. This includes sub-assemblies, volumetric and panelised systems manufactured off site as well as site-based MMC.

What we do

NHBC is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes. We set standards for NHBC registered builders and work with them to help them improve the construction quality of the homes they build.

We carry out a review of MMC systems that builders are proposing to use to assess whether they are acceptable for use in homes covered by Buildmark warranty. We publish a list of the systems that we have reviewed and are currently accepted by NHBC.

Builders are required to meet the same performance standards regardless of the form of construction, whether conventional or MMC.

The MMC Hub

NHBC has a long track record of collaboration with housebuilders, developers and manufacturers on MMC systems, providing guidance and sharing our extensive experience. 

We provide support to the growing MMC sector through;

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