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Volumetric relates to the manufacture of three-dimensional modules in factory conditions. Many materials are used to create the modules, including timber, hot or cold-rolled steel and concrete. Modules may be delivered to site as a basic structural shell; and, may incorporate connections, insulation materials, internal linings, external cladding or even services.

For Volumetric systems, reference should be made to NHBC Standards Chapter 2.1 The Standards and Technical Requirements, Technical Requirement R3a) iv).

It is possible that cold rolled steel building systems can demonstrate compliance with NHBC Standards Chapter 6.10 Light Steel Framed Walls and Floors, via stage 1 certification issued by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) in accordance with NHBC Standards Chapter Clause 6.10.3. NHBC requires the builder to appoint an NHBC approved steel frame certifier to check the design for the home and the site.

Care must be taken to ensure that the Construction meets relevant Building Regulations, NHBC Standards, British Standards, Eurocodes and (or) statutory requirements on a site-by-site basis.