Electrical safety


Every year, around 1,000 accidents at work involving electricity are reported to the HSE and about 30 people die of their injuries. This training module covers the strict legal standards relating to working on or near live conductors, the risks people run in working with electrical equipment and systems and the identification of obvious defects in electrical equipment.  


`Electrical safety' aims to help organisations be legally compliant with the Electricity at Work Regulations. It's designed to promote a culture that encourages everyone to consider the risks associated with working with electricity, and carry out safe procedures at all times.

Who is it for?

`Electrical safety' is aimed at all levels of employees who may use electrical appliances or undertake or plan electrical work carried out in buildings and premises.  The module helps all levels of employees and managers meet the requirements of the Electricity Regulations by following the Health and Safety Executive's Guidance note `Electrical Safety and You' (INDG 231).


`Electrical safety' covers the following important areas:
1. Electrical theory
2. Electrical hazards and harm
3. Workplace precautions and controls
4. Self-assessment


£25+VAT per use

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Electrical safety

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