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Which edition of the NHBC Standards applies to your home?

NHBC Standards have evolved over the years as methods of construction have changed.

The edition of the Standards that apply to a property will be those which were in force when the builder began the construction of the foundations or, if pre-existing foundations were used, when the builder began construction work.

If your home was built in or after 2010 and you would like to view the version of the NHBC Standards which was in force when your home was built, you can look it up here. You will need to have your policy number from your NHBC warranty. You can find this number on...: It will start with two letters followed by X numbers e.g. AM999999

If your home was built before 2010, please call us, with your NHBC policy number, 0344 633 1000 and ask for "Customer Services".

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