High rise

Number five of five key themes for Building for tomorrow

High rise - safety, structure and quality 

These sessions will focus on high rise safety, detailing the latest from Government on building safety. NHBC data will also be examined to identify improvements for future standards and quality. Individual sessions will explore the future of high rise developments, some of the critical elements in supporting masonry cladding on framed buildings and the design and use of glass reinforced concrete in high rise construction. 

Our keynote speaker on this theme

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Mark Dawson
HM Principal Inspector

High rise - building a safer future
Thursday 25 March 13.15 - 14.00

Mark is a very experienced regulator who has performed several roles for HSE in both frontline and policy roles over the last 24 years. He currently works in HSEs Building Safety and Construction Division leading a team looking at the operational implications around the development and assessment of safety cases.

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Meet our other speakers on this theme

Concrete Centre

Tony Jones
Principal Structural Engineer

Detailing a safer future (1): fire resistance for property and life safety
25 March 14.30-15.00

Tony is a Structural Engineer with 30 years of experience in design, research and investigation of concrete structures. His role is to support users of concrete through the changes to fire guidance to ensure fire safe structures. In his previous role he provided advice to project teams on the design of structures for fire.


Duncan Alabaster
Technical Director

Detailing a safer future (2): fire stop check, 10 life saving questions
25 March 15.00-15.30

Duncan has 32 years’ experience within the Passive Fire Protection industry. He was Technical Director for PFC Corofil for 18 years before moving to Polyseam as their Protecta brand Technical Manager in March 2018. His role includes specification of systems, product development, fire testing, approvals and training.


Mark Fields
Technical Services Engineer

Masonry cladding support and restraint: specification guidelines for high rise buildings
25 March 16.15-16.45

Mark is Technical Services Engineer for Leviat in the UK, specialising in the Ancon Masonry Product Range. Leviat is the new home of Ancon, Halfen and Helifix and many more trusted product brands. Leviat unites the expertise, skills and resources of CRH’s construction accessories companies in a single global organisation.


Bob Faulding
Group Director

Glass reinforced concrete
25 March 16.30-17.00

Bob is the owner of the PBS Synergies Group which specialise in the manufacture, testing and installation of architectural glass fibre reinforced concrete claddings and dressings. He is a former chairman of both the International Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) and the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA)

New London Architecture

Peter Murray

The future of tall buildings in London
25 March 17.00-17.30

Peter is Curator-in-Chief of New London Architecture - London’s centre for the built environment which publishes its annual review of tall buildings in the capital, and is Chairman of The London Society. He is one of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Mayoral Design Advocates. Peter trained as an architect but has spent his career writing and communicating architecture rather than practising it.

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