two people in site safety clothing and hard hats inspecting work done on a roof

Vision Express

Carillion Court, Loughborough

Carillion Court, Loughborough

Architect: CGL Architects

Client: Vision Express




NHBC has provided Vision Express with Building Control Services since 2010. Our national coverage serves a varied portfolio of work throughout England and Wales, involving branch refurbishments, alterations, the creation of new branches, and alterations and reconfigurations to existing commercial accommodation. Typical project values range between £25,000 - £500,000.

Added value

Located within a covered shopping complex, Vision Express took to amalgamate two vacant units into one. This required works to remove sub-dividing elements, the infill of redundant stair wells, the reinstatement of compartmentation and fire safety systems, and a new shopfront Through discussion, it was ensured that the centre specific fire safety strategy was complied with including the provision of sprinkler protection, and the safeguarding of shared escape routes.