a photo of a digger on site clearing ground for works to begin

BP Castrol Works

The former BP Castrol Works at Hyde, Manchester

Hyde, Manchester

Client: Northern Trust Ltd

Key Facts

  • 3.47 hectares
  • Situated in close proximity to the railway, two schools and residential property
  • Oil processing and storage depot, foundry and ancillary offices
  • Contaminated soils, water and substructure materials
  • 50,000 litres of oily water held in five underground storage tanks


Once home to an oil production and storage plant, this 8-acre brownfield site saw NHBC's Land Quality Service commissioned to provide ongoing geotechnical and environmental assessments over a 16-month period.

Contamination hazards

Ground gases, cement-bonded asbestos and petroleum hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvents in soil and groundwater.

Remediation Strategy

  • Full site turnover of top one metre to identify and remove obstructions
  • Excavation of all made ground and removal of unsuitable materials
  • Vapour extraction of petroleum solvents handled in-situ
  • Removal of substructures
  • Geotechnical verification testing
  • Chemical verification testing
  • Off-site disposal of unsuitable materials
  • Installation of drainage systems for shallow groundwater
  • Installation of a low permeability clay stank
  • Installation of hydrocarbon and gas resistant membranes
  • Installation of capping layer to areas of proposed soft landscaping


Following the completion of a 6-month remediation programme, concluding in March 2013, the site was marked as compliant with NHBC Standards and passed to Morris Homes for development. The site is now host to 102 residential properties with accompanying gardens and soft landscaping.