Technical Advice and Guidance

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Contaminated land: technical advice

Brownfield and contaminated land can produce a range of challenges and unpredictable circumstances. NHBC experts from a diverse range of disciplines offer technical reports and advice to help you understand and overcome some of the most common difficulties facing developers.

Read the reports:

Guidance on evaluation of sites where methane and carbon dioxide are present

Guidance for the safe development of housing on land affected by contamination

NHBC Foundation research

The NHBC Foundation undertakes research on a variety of topics covering risk management and best practice in new housing.

Past reports include:

Ground-related requirements for new homes (NF32)

Sustainable drainage systems (NF22)

Efficient design of piled foundations (NF21)

All NHBC Foundation publications are accessible free of charge after registration at

Industry guidance

Clients often ask us about the following sources of information:

Environment Agency information

Definition of Waste : Development Industry Code of Practice