NHBC Standards 2020

Apply to new homes registered with us where the foundations are started between 1 January and 31 December 2020

NHBC Standards 2020

The NHBC Standards 2020 came into force for every new home registered with NHBC where foundations are started between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2020.

Standards Plus 2020

NHBC Standards Plus is our online version of the Standards. It includes additional information, guidance and 3D graphics to help you apply the Standards. You can quick launch Standards Plus here or use the contents list below to choose the part of the Standards you’re interested in.

What was new in Standards 2020?

Here is an overview of the more significant changes.

The 2020 edition included:

  • Updated Chapter 6.6 ‘Staircases’. This chapter has been fully updated to make it clearer and align with industry guidance
  • Revised Chapter 9.1 ‘A consistent approach to finishes’ includes a review of the tolerances to ensure they are appropriate and meet the reasonable expectations of homeowners.

Minor technical changes:

The following minor technical changes have been made to Standards 2020:

6.9 Curtain walling and cladding

Clause 6.9.19 Insulated render and brick slip cladding. The 2nd bullet point has been changed from ventilated to vented

7.2 Pitched roofs

Clause 7.2.8 Restraint. Clarification of the fixing requirements for lateral restraint straps, including the separation of guidance for proprietary straps from traditional straps.

8.1 Internal service

Clause 8.1.6 Soil and waste systems. Clarification that both encasement and insulation warp should be used.

9.2 Wall and ceiling finishes

Table 5 edge support for plasterboard. Clarification on where perimeter noggings are needed.

9.4 Finishings and fitments

Clause 9.4.3 General provisions – cupboards and fitments. Guidance provided on the fitting of kitchen units.

We have taken the opportunity to make editorial changes throughout the document.

The changes to NHBC Standards 2020 were covered in this webinar from January 2020.