NHBC Standards 2021

Apply to new homes registered with us where the foundations are started on or after 1 January 2021

NHBC Standards 2021

NHBC Standards 2021 will apply to all new homes registered with us where the foundations are started on or after 1 January 2021.

What’s new in Standards 2021?

The most significant updates in this edition are to the following chapters. Watch our webinar on Standards 2021 to see the changes explained or read on for the detail.

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Chapter 6.1 External masonry walls

This chapter has been updated following consultation with manufacturers, Trade Associations and builders. The main changes focus on cavity trays; mortar; and fire stopping.

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Chapter 7.1 Flat roofs, terraces and balconies

The chapter has undergone a full review and has been updated with the assistance of members of the flat roofing industry, including manufacturers and contractors as well as related Trade Bodies. The scope of Chapter 7.1 has been extended to include terraces and podiums; there is more focus on drainage given its importance and more illustrations have been added to aid understanding.

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Chapter 10.2 Drives, pathways and landscaping

We have replaced references to the old BS Standards specification with harmonised EN Standards. References to the Highway Works specification have also been updated together with the clause on sub-base thickness.  Several definitions have been added to make it easier to understand the Tables detailing pavement construction and provide clarity on limitations of flexible retaining walls. More guidance on garden areas and timber decking is also included.

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Standards Plus 2021

NHBC Standards Plus is our online version of the Standards. It includes additional information, guidance and 3D graphics to help you apply the Standards. You can quick launch Standards Plus here or use the contents list below to choose the part of the Standards you’re interested in.

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NHBC Technical Extra

Technical Extra provides the latest advice and guidance on NHBC Standards and Building Regulations.

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NHBC Standards 2021 Webinar

This webinar offers an overview of Standards 2021 concentrating on the key updated areas.

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