NHBC/CITB temporary works co-ordinator

Understand what constitutes temporary works, the procedures to follow and appropriate checks to be completed. This course uses examples of temporary works failures, delegates experiences, contractual arrangements for TW duties, group exercises to develop risk awareness, and discussion to reinforce knowledge.


Who should attend

Temporary Works Co-ordinators

Senior management

Anyone who has responsibility over contractors


Benefits to you

Training is considered an essential element of TWC competence. Become confident when creating and maintaining procedures, and understand how to reduce risks to contractors.

Please note that attendance on this training course does not confer competency as a Temporary Works Co-ordinator, that comes as a mixture of education, training and experience.

What you'll learn

Identify the different types of temporary works

Understand the need for temporary works co-ordination and procedures

The duties of a Temporary Works Co-ordinator

Understanding the role of others

Common temporary works failures

The procedures outlined in BS 5975 to ensure companies provide adequate risk management



Course Pricing

In-company £2,350* 12

Prices are exclusive of VAT

*To cover CITB certification, £37.50 + VAT per delegate will be added to the overall cost of this course

For details of any CITB grants available, please contact CITB on 0344 994 4455 or visit www.citb.co.uk/grant

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