Slinging and signalling for lifting operations

Understand the key health and safety aspects of slinging and landing loads, and the importance of providing clear directions to the crane operator, in this one day training course.


Who should attend

Site and assistant site managers

Materials controllers, forklift truck operators, labourers and roofing joiners

Please note this is a mixture of classroom and practical training, a suitable construction site will be required to complete the course.

Benefits to you

Gain knowledge on the use of different types of lifting accessories

Get practical experience on slinging and signalling activities

Become more confident when slinging loads and directing crane operators

What you'll learn

How to check lifting equipment for defects

Attaching lifting equipment to the load

How to provide direction to the crane operator

Types of slings, testing and defects

Crane signals

Landing the load safely at its destination


Course Pricing

In-company £1,250 4

Prices are exclusive of VAT

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