About our construction NVQs

We are here to support you every step of the way

Through a combination of face to face and online support from your assessor and our leading e-portfolio system, we’ll make your journey towards your NVQ as smooth as possible.


There are no formal entry requirements for an NVQ at any level, other than you must be working within an appropriate construction job at the correct level. Once you have identified the right NVQ for you, an assessor will contact you to discuss the qualification’s suitability and review your prior learning. We may ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to make sure that we recommend the right level NVQ for you. Once accepted onto the qualification, your assessor will arrange an induction and briefing session to complete your registration for your selected NVQ.


All of our assessors have worked within the industry. They will share their knowledge and experience to help you develop your skills throughout the assessment process.

Ordinarily, your assessor will visit you in your workplace every 8-10 weeks so that you have face to face support. You can also contact them at any time through our e-portfolio system and they will respond within 3 working days. We are mindful how important it is that the qualification doesn’t impact too much on your working time.


We will use a leading e-portfolio system to help manage your qualification. You can use it to:

  • watch videos or listen to audio that explain how you can best meet the requirements
  • upload and assess your evidence (this can be in the form of videos and/or audio files)
  • see what’s left to complete through the gap analysis tool
  • monitor your progress
  • contact your assessor.

You’ll also have access to an app so that you can use your mobile phone or tablet to save time and capture evidence on the go.


As part of the NVQ programme, you must demonstrate your competence in each unit to an approved assessor, using evidence from your place of work. We use a range of assessment methods, including:

  • direct observation through workplace visits or by remote means
  • discussions about your work and progress
  • speaking to others about what you do
  • asking questions
  • gathering information about your activities and work performance
  • signposting from the workplace
  • capturing video evidence.

To ensure you are on track for completion, our e-portfolio system and app will allow you to submit your evidence for each unit and obtain valuable feedback from your assessor at regular intervals. If a group of employees from the same company are taking NVQs, we will arrange regular one-to-one check-ins with the employer too. Employers can also log into our e-portfolio system and track their employees' progress.


It usually takes four weeks for your certificate to be issued once you’ve completed the qualification to the awarding organisation’s requirements and it’s been through an internal verification process. Sometimes, it can take longer (up to 10 weeks) for your certificate to arrive due to factors beyond our control.

The NVQs we offer

All of our NVQs attract credits within the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF), meaning you can use them in the future towards other further or higher education courses.


NVQ Pricing

Please find our current NVQ fee information below.

All our NVQs attract CITB grants to assist with the cost of learning - please contact Construction Skills for further details.

NVQ Level  Cost of NVQ
3 £2,035 +VAT
4 £2,150 +VAT
6 £2,350 +VAT
7 £2,495 +VAT

All fees are subject to VAT at the current rate