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High Value Individual Homes

Buildmark is our warranty and insurance product for newly built or newly converted homes

Why choose NHBC for high value individual homes?

Whether it’s a one off luxury house being built from scratch, or high-value apartments being created from a complex conversion, Buildmark is the right warranty and insurance product to choose because you’ll benefit from:

Up to
Protection for purchaser’s deposit between exchange of contracts and legal completion Up to 10% of the original purchase price or £100,000, whichever is lower
Up to
Up to £500,000 warranty and insurance cover for newly converted homes
10 years
Years 0-2 Builder warranty period and NHBC guarantee Years 3-10 Buildmark insurance period

The above applies to policies for plots registered with us from 1 October 2019. Please see the full Buildmark policy document below for all the conditions and exclusions that apply. Homes registered prior to 1 October 2019 may benefit from insurance protection for certain breaches of Building Regulations if NHBC Building Control Services Limited is appointed for and carries out building control for the property. If we have provided this cover, it will be clearly shown on the Buildmark insurance certificate, and a description of the cover included in the policy booklet. Please refer to your own policy documents for all the terms and conditions that apply to your home.

* The minimum claim value explained: We don’t require policyholders to pay the first part of any claim. Instead, we operate a minimum claim value (MCV) which means that if the cost of a valid claim exceeds the MCV we will do the work or pay the cost in full and the policyholder will not have to make any contribution. The MCV for policies starting on 1 April 2019 is £1,750 (increasing by £50 on 1 April in each subsequent year).

To see all the terms and conditions and policy limits that apply, please see the current Buildmark policy document that applies to newly built, converted or renovated homes registered with us from 1 April 2021.

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Buildmark policy document


What to do next...

You need to be registered with NHBC to offer Buildmark warranty and cover for your new homes. If you’re not yet registered with us, please visit the NHBC registration section first. If you’re already registered with us, you can send us the details of your new site straight away.

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