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Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

In the unlikely event that problems arise, a low cost, independent dispute resolution scheme is available to deal with complaints about breaches of the Code. This is separate and in addition to our own resolution service as set out in your Buildmark policy booklet, which we offer if you have a disagreement with your builder about a defect with your property covered by the Buildmark warranty.

What you should do in the event of a problem

If it's less than two years since you made your reservation for your new home, and you think your builder is in breach of the Code, you need to follow the Code complaints procedure which you can read more about here.

If you're unable to resolve the dispute with your builder directly, then we are here to advise you. You should contact us and a member of our Claims Team will assess the situation and advise you how best we can help. They will:

Selling your home


Check that your builder is registered with us and that your home has Buildmark warranty and insurance cover (it helps if you can have your policy number to hand and your full address when contacting us).

Moving in


Understand from you the nature of your concerns and identify whether we can assist under Buildmark or whether you need to consider pursuing your dispute through the Code's dispute resolution service.

NHBC Standards


Advise you of the next steps and, if appropriate, contact your builder and issue you with documentation to help you access the Code dispute resolution service.

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