Spotlight on NHBC Accepts: BokLok

NHBC Accepts is an end-to-end service for the quality assurance of
innovative systems in construction.

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NHBC Accepts was launched in 2020 in response to the growing modern methods of construction (MMC) sector as a means of ensuring quality MMC products are installed in new build homes. It plays a critical role in ensuring homeowners and people across the housebuilding process have confidence in MMC quality and can easily identify systems that have been rigorously assessed. Not only that, it builds on the work that NHBC has carried out for over seven decades to ensure that new build homes are built to last.

Under the scheme, MMC systems are reviewed, and only accepted when it is demonstrated they can meet the scheme’s robust standards. It means that depending on the correct design and installation, accepted systems can be implemented in homes covered by an NHBC warranty.

By reviewing systems in this way, the NHBC Accepts scheme gives homeowners, developers, investors, and lenders confidence that these systems are safe to use.

The NHBC Accepts system also means that new homes can be assessed more quickly for warranty and reduces the potential for delays to building projects. We know this can be a real issue and can set projects back for weeks or months at a time.

BokLok’s modular system, BokLok Flex UK, is a volumetric timber frame system and one of the first timber frame systems accepted by NHBC Accepts. Homes are completed off-site using a smart and industrialised process and transported directly to site for assembly. There are many benefits to this system, including the speed at which homes can be developed and the bonus of not being impacted by inclement weather, which can often hold up work on site.

We spoke with Noel Sheehan, BokLok Housing Director, about how the NHBC Accepts scheme supports his business.

“We are very pleased to have been given a seal of approval for NHBC Accepts. We use quality materials and build with well-proven methods to ensure sustainable homes.

“We know our system can help speed up the delivery of new homes, and the additional level of scrutiny of our system means homeowners can feel secure in the knowledge that our system has been through further safety testing.

“BokLok has already delivered over 12,000 homes across Sweden, Finland and Norway, and we are excited to be able to offer this innovative technology to the UK market with the additional assurances the NHBC Accepts programme provides.

“We hope that this additional accreditation will provide further confidence in our home development to our customers and the wider industry.”

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NHBC Accepts

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