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Diversity at NHBC


When we signed up to the Charter in 2016 we had 33% female representation. As of December 2018 we have 37.5% female representation in senior management. Whilst we have made progress, we do not believe we are not on track to meet our Charter target by our 2020.

Although meeting its interim target, due to the limited number of available positions and low turnover amongst senior management, NHBC has revised the original target deadline of 2020. NHBC is committed to increasing the number of our senior manager roles lead by women to 45% by 2025.

NHBC is committed to ensuring that it promotes and encourages diversity and inclusion in everything it does mirroring the wider UK community to enable us to serve our customers, consumers and staff we employ.

In doing so it has three key objectives:-

  • To ensure diversity and inclusion is owned by all staff and embedded into everything we do
  • Ensure that staff feel valued and supported and where difference is respected
  • Encourage and support staff to progress and develop, ensuring everyone has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience regardless of race, gender or disability

NHBC has a range of internal initiatives that forms part of a wider Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, ensuring it remains embedded and actively promoted throughout the year. We also sponsor and have finalists in the Milton Keynes Women Leaders Awards.

NHBC recognises that a diverse workforce supports business growth and that having the CEO as the diversity sponsor ensures diversity remains a key business driver.

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