Our Communities

Giving back and helping others

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Our Communities is the name for corporate social responsibility at NHBC and it is how we support the communities in which we operate and where our colleagues live, working with charity partners who are aligned with our values. 

What we do 

We deliver the aims of our Communities through a combination of activities and events, working with and fundraising for our charity partners, matched funding for money raised by our people for their own local causes and volunteering. 

Our aims

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Helping our communities

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Sharing our skills and knowledge

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Inclusivity and support for minority groups

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A local and nationwide reach

Our charity partners

Our head office is in Milton Keynes and we are pleased to work with some great local organisations including Action4Youth and Worktree who both support young people. The Milton Keynes Food Bank, has our continued support, which is needed more than ever during these challenging economic times, and we also work with the Milton Keynes Community Foundation, which provides small grants on our behalf to local projects related to education, young people, and issues of deprivation.  

Crisis is our national charity partner and we have been supporting their important work to end homelessness since 2018 through fundraising, education, sponsorship and volunteering. 

Matched funding

As well as fundraising for our charity partners, we support colleagues fundraising for the charities that matter most to them, through our matched funding scheme.  We match fund individuals and teams of 4 or more NHBC people. 


Volunteering is an important part of how we give back and help our communities.  Everyone at NHBC can take up to two days’ paid volunteering leave every year. 

Our support in action

Samanala Valley Hospital in Sri Lanka

"I travelled with my husband and friends to the Samanala Valley Hospital, a community hospital which carries out much needed cataract operations for the local community. Surgeons from Sri Lanka and around the world volunteer their time to carry out the operations, and we helped to restore the sight of 70 people with 72 operations in 3 days! These were retired and working people, including teachers and drivers, so their sight is essential for the wellbeing of their families."

May 2024

London Landmarks

Lee Turmel, Building Inspector, ran the London Landmarks half marathon with a broken rib, in an impressive time of 2:16 and raising money for a children’s cancer charity Aoife’s Bubbles.
“I always intended to run the London Landmarks half marathon to aid getting back to a level of fitness. After signing myself and a friend up we embarked on the training week in week out.

May 2024

Fathers' football fundraiser

Lou Taylor, Principal Commercial Surveyor, created a football team for dads - the Melbourne Allstars - in his local village of Melbourne, East Yorkshire. Lou's idea was to bring dads in their 30-50s together to play friendly games of football at the village recreation ground. Although originally intended as just a kick about, Lou says it’s since become much more than just about football.

April 2024

NHBC teams placed first and third in Action4Youth's Xtreme Challenge

On Tuesday 16 April, two teams from NHBC participated in a thrilling obstacle course across land and water. Designed to build teamwork, the course included exhilarating challenges from climbing, abseiling, caving, striking arrows, canoeing, running and wading. The event raised over £13,000 with teams helping to create life-enhancing experiences for all young people, especially for those with disabilities and complex needs.

March 2024

London Technical Operations team volunteer at Loughton School, Milton Keynes

Lee Bidaudville, Dave Cummins, Mark Howson and Jason Richardson, all colleagues from Valentino Rivolta’s (London) Technical Operations team, volunteered at Loughton School in Milton Keynes.They got stuck in with clearing weeds from an old planting bed, saving the flowers for replanting by a pergola which was to be installed over Easter.

March 2024

Complex Claims colleagues redecorate sensory room

Over the course of a week, 15 colleagues from Complex Claims redecorated a sensory room at Furze House, a venue supporting the needs of children with special needs and their families living within the Milton Keynes area. The team split into groups of four or five spending a day each to complete the task.

March 2024

No complaints

Our Consumer Affairs team completed a volunteering day at Curly Tails, a Milton Keynes based pig sanctuary and wellbeing centre. The team had a great time and completed lots of valuable jobs for the charity.

February 2024

The Cambridgeshire BI team ‘can’

Following the launch of our MK Food Bank Logo Challenge ‘from cans to creativity’, the Cambridgeshire BI team held a collection for the Milton Keynes Food Bank.

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