Feedback from the 2012 Awards

We would like to thank those of you who took the time to feedback your comments following the 2011 awards.  Your feedback is invaluable and will ensure that we can keep developing the health and safety awards scheme.

We thought that you might like to see some of the feedback and how we will be addressing the comments where possible.

Is Friday lunchtime / afternoon the best time to hold the awards ceremony?

We are currently looking at options for holding the event on Thursday (lunchtime or evening) or Friday (lunchtime or evening).  There are various factors that contribute to whether these would work:

  • What is the impact of having the event at certain times on our customers (i.e. travel to and from the venue, additional cost for accommodation etc...).

Are the awards getting big enough to warrant regional events like the PIJ model?

We wanted to establish the health and safety awards over the first three years without changing the format too often or too drastically. 

The awards will remain as a national event for at least the next year.  We have seen a more than a 50% increase in entries since the first year of these awards in 2009, and we would hope to see an increase at least equal to that of last year.

However, with such increases in numbers, we are inevitably going to have to consider the model for the awards and the possible introduction of regional events to ensure that the competition remains fair, even though the entry numbers are rising.

The north area is too big, Scotland should be separate

The regions are currently split by the regions that out health and safety advisors cover, with Scotland and Northern Ireland having been recognised as part of the North region since the awards were launched in 2009. 

As the entries have increased, and in particular entries from these regions, it definitely will be something that we will be looking to address this year and will consult with entrants how we might introduce this in the future.

Presentation of the awards seemed to 'drag' - the issuing of the site awards was drawn out

The show flow of the awards ceremony this year was exactly the same as last year, with the same number of awards given.

We will however be looking at how we can split this part of the day up in to smaller chunks, perhaps with a winner's reception in advance of the ceremony where nominated site managers will be given their trophies, meet the celebrity presenter and have their photograph taken. 

Then, much like at the Pride in the Job gala, there would be a roll call of nominated winners at the beginning of the event.

We may also look to introduce some entertainment and totally reshape the event - we will of course keep you posted with news of any changes to the structure of the event.

Could there be images of the nominated / winning sites for us all to learn from?

This of course is something that we would have loved to incorporated in to the awards presentation, however, for reasons highlighted in the question above, we are severely restricted on time that we have for the whole show and adding additional images would simple increase the length of the ceremony.

However, if the show were to change as outlined above, we would have more flexibility to introduce this.  After all, it's only from seeing the good practice in action that you will truly understand some of the best practice that we experience on site each year.

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