2012 National Winner profiles

The following profiles showcase the national winners.

The four National Winners all showed great leadership, creativity and innovation in addressing the particular challenges of their sites. They all demonstrated that they had exceeded usual best practice. To win the ultimate award is a huge achievement and we congratulate them all.

Small Builder Category 

Devonshire Homes - Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman - Devonshire Homes

Nick demonstrates a team approach to managing safety. The main challenges on this site have been maintaining an effective separation between the working area and the occupied units and having to contend with the inevitable problems that arise from a general lack of space for storing materials. Before starting work on site, every contractor is required to prove that they meet the required level of health and safety competence and that operatives can demonstrate a culture of health and safety awareness. Nick started in the industry as a joiner, and is being recognised for being a highly conscientious site manager running a very tight ship.

Medium Builder Category

Kier Partnership Homes - Craig Robson

Craig Robson of Kier Partnership Homes

Craig is a highly motivated site manager who does his upmost to run an exceptionally clean site, where tradesmen are regularly reminded to clean as they go. With features such as wireless fire alarm systems deployed across the site and the comprehensive use of birdcage scaffolds and stair towers to all units, this site manager is continually looking for ways to take his site to the next level.

Large Builder Category

St James Group - Bob Rosenberger

Bob Rosenberger of St James Group

Bob has put considerable thought into addressing some of the more common problems on site. By insisting that all materials are delivered to site either pre-slung or on stillages this has removed the need for anyone to climb onto backs of lorries to assist in the unloading process. Once materials have been unloaded, several mechanical aids are used to move materials to where they are needed, reducing and in some cases eliminating altogether, the need for manual handling. With fire safety also being seen as an important issue on this site, monthly audits of fire risk assessments are carried out. All 'hot works' are plotted on a site plan which is monitored on a daily basis and regular alarm tests and evacuation drills are carried out.

Multi-Storey Category

Barratt East London - David Levy

David Levy of Barratt East London

This site, throughout the judging period has been described as spotless and without a single trailing lead to be seen anywhere. On this site health surveillance is a standard feature with a visiting occupational nurse advising workers on work related health issues. This is an extremely tight site and with space being at an absolute premium, considerable thought has been put into choreographing the delivery and distribution of materials. With rigorous controls in place to ensure that operatives have the appropriate level of competence, all supervisors on this site have as a minimum the SMSTS 5-day qualification. With over 1 million man hours worked without a single reportable accident, this truly is a site that stands out amongst its peers.

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