Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What systems do NHBC currently accept?

NHBC currently accept a range of systems, further details can be found on our accepted systems list.

I am a manufacturer of MMC systems. How do I get a system reviewed by NHBC?

The first step is to contact NHBC’s Standards Innovation and Research department and submit technical information to NHBC for an initial review. We review the system to determine if it appears broadly in principle to be capable of meeting the performance criteria.  We will assign a Technical Officer or Engineer to lead the review and provide an initial gap analysis indicating what further information would be required.

I am a builder and would like to use an MMC system that is not on your list of accepted systems. What should I do?

Please contact NHBC’s Standards Innovation and Research department as soon as you can so that we can commence a review of the MMC system. We can advise you if we are already reviewing this system and the status of this review to help you plan your project.   

How much does NHBC’s MMC system review cost?

At present, NHBC delivers this service free of charge. The manufacturer may incur costs of employing consultants, technical approvals bodies and auditors to demonstrate the performance characteristics and quality procedures of the system.

How long does it take to carry out a review of the MMC system?

This depends on the quality of information that is submitted. We endeavour to respond to all submissions within two weeks of initial contact so that the path to formal acceptance can be determined. Clearly, the more complete the information, the better.

The purpose of the MMC system review is to enable NHBC registered builders to use different construction systems. As such, we will prioritise the review of MMC systems that are proposed for use by NHBC registered builders.

As a manufacturer, how can I guarantee that my system will be granted Buildmark warranty?

A Buildmark warranty is only given on a completed home that has been built in accordance with NHBC Standards. A MMC system will form part of that home so while the system itself will have been reviewed, Buildmark warranty will only be given following the project design review and inspections of the registered plots.