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What does Buildmark Cover?

Deposit protection if your builder becomes insolvent, 2 years warranty cover from your builder and insurance cover from NHBC until the end of the policy

What is Buildmark?

Buying a home is typically the largest investment people make and Buildmark provides a builder warranty and insurance protection for particular types of of defects and damage caused by defects to newly built or newly converted homes. Cover also includes deposit protection from exchange of contracts to legal completion. Please read your policy schedule and policy booklet for the details of the cover (and financial limits) that apply to your property.

How does Buildmark work?

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The information below is for guidance only. Please refer to your policy schedule and policy booklet for full details of the cover provided on your specific property.

Insurance cover provided by NHBC

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What is covered?

Buildmark is designed to provide insurance for your home, where the property has not been built to NHBC Technical Requirements by the builder.

Your policy document sets out the parts of your home that are covered, the conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.

If you make a valid claim, we will at our option either pay the cost of any necessary repairs or arrange for the work to be done.

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What is not covered?

There are some things that are not covered by Buildmark. These can include but are not limited to: wear and tear, neglect or damage caused by fire or smoke. Also excluded are items or incidents covered by other insurances such as buildings or contents insurance or by warranties such as on domestic appliances or boilers.

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Minimum claim value

We don’t apply a policy excess to Buildmark (years 3-10) so you don’t have to pay the first part of any claim.

Instead, we operate a minimum claim value (MCV) which means we will calculate the cost of the required remedial work and if it exceeds the MCV, you will not be required to make a contribution. However, if the cost of your claim does not exceed the MCV we will not do any work or pay any costs.

The precise MCV applicable to your home will depend on how old your policy is.

NOTE: There are certain conditions, limits and exclusions that apply, which you will find explained fully in your policy document.

If you are not the first owner of your home, the financial limits of your policy may already have been partly or fully used up by claims from earlier owners. Please contact NHBC or your conveyancer to ensure that you have adequate cover remaining.

How to find your policy documents?

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Need more information?

Download the latest IPID (insurance product information document) which gives a quick (in 2 pages) overview of the Buildmark policy for newly built and newly converted homes in the UK and Isle of Man.

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