Selling your home

Passing on the benefit of Buildmark cover to a new owner is easy

Selling your home

Buildmark is intended to benefit every owner of the home during the lifespan of the policy. So, if you sell the home and the Buildmark policy has not expired, the new owner gets the benefit of the remaining cover (although note that the limits of the policy may already have been partly or fully used up by claims from you and/or earlier owners).

Transferring the policy

Your conveyancer may request the Buildmark documents (typically the insurance certificate and policy booklet) from you at the start of the conveyancing process and pass these on to your buyers' solicitor on your behalf. We also recommend that the new owner of the home contact us after they’ve completed their purchase to provide us with their details.

Alternatively, your buyers’ conveyancer may use our online conveyancing portal to let us know about a purchase or change of ownership.

Can't find your policy booklet?

The first two letters of your Buildmark policy number (found on your insurance certificate) will determine which Buildmark policy booklet applies to you.  If you know your policy number you can download a copy of your policy booklet here.

Please note: If your policy starts with AJ, AE or XA or you don’t know your policy number then you will need to call our Customer Services Team to obtain your policy booklet.

Can't find your insurance certificate?

Our Customer Services team can issue a duplicate for you. Please email quoting your name, address and postcode.


Transferring your HUG

NHBC Home User Guide (HUG) is a secure online portal that has all the information about your 10 year NHBC Buildmark warranty and insurance policy as well as lots of useful guidance about moving into and living in a brand new home.

Pass it on

If you have a HUG account, then it’s easy to pass this on to the person buying your home. You can invite them to join your HUG if you know their email address and you can also transfer any personal documents that you’ve stored in your HUG that you don’t want them to see (don’t worry, if you forget to do this, we will do it for you). If you’re buying another new-build home that has a Buildmark warranty and insurance policy then we’ll transfer any such documents straight into your new HUG.

To transfer your HUG to a new owner and/or move documentation, go to My profile/Manage homeowners within your HUG.