What does Buildmark Cover?

Deposit protection if your builder becomes insolvent, 2 years warranty cover from your builder and insurance cover from NHBC until the end of the policy

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What is Buildmark?

Buildmark is our ten-year warranty and insurance cover for new-build homes. The cover is split into different sections providing protection for your deposit after exchange of contracts, a builder warranty for two years after legal completion and then insurance against certain defects after the warranty period until the end of the policy.

Please read your policy schedule and policy booklet for details of the cover and the financial limits that apply to your new home.

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Overview of Buildmark

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Insurance cover is provided if the amount you have paid to the builder in accordance with the contract, cannot be recovered from the builder or any other party due to the builder becoming insolvent during the period of insolvency cover as shown in the policy schedule.

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Builder warranty period

The builder warranty period is usually two years from the start date of the policy shown on the policy certificate. During this period, the builder, not NHBC, is responsible for rectifying problems arising from the builder's failure to meet NHBC Technical Requirements. If the builder fails to fulfil their obligations, we may be able to assist under our Resolution service.

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To the end of Buildmark cover

From the end of the builder warranty period until the policy expires (typically 8 years), insurance cover is provided for specific parts of the property. For full details of the protection provided against structural defects where your homes has not been built to our Technical Requirements or where there are issues with contaminated land, please refer to your policy booklet.

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What is

The Buildmark policy provides protection for particular types of problems with your property, where it has not been built to NHBC Technical Requirements, including but not limited to foundations and structure.

Your policy document sets out the parts of your home that are covered, the conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.

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What is
not covered?

There are some things that are not covered by Buildmark. These can include but are not limited to: wear and tear, neglect or damage caused by fire or smoke. Also excluded are items or incidents covered by other insurances such as buildings or contents insurance or by warranties such as on domestic appliances or boilers.

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Minimum claim value

Buildmark does not have a policy excess so, if your claim is valid and meets the minimum claim value, you won't have to pay anything towards the cost. Should the claim value be lower than the minimum value, the claim will be declined. Your minimum claim value is stated on your policy schedule document.

How does Buildmark work?

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NOTE: The information above is for guidance only.

If you are not the first owner of your home, the financial limits of your policy may already have been partly or fully used up by claims from earlier owners. Please contact NHBC or your conveyancer to ensure that you have adequate cover remaining.

How to find your policy documents?

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