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We greatly value the feedback we receive from our customers on our products and services

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At NHBC we are committed to providing excellent service and products and greatly value the feedback we receive from our customers. We always aim to treat our customers fairly in all our dealings with them and whilst we hope this will be achieved there may be occasions where things don't go as planned.

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If you have an enquiry, would like to share a compliment or if you are unhappy with the resolution of a claim you can contact us using the forms below and one of our team will be in contact to assist.

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If you would like to ask a question or find out more information for homeowners, we’d love to hear from you using the form below.

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If our team has gone above and beyond and you would like to share your positive experience, we'd love to pass on your compliments.

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We are sorry to hear that we haven't met your expectations but will try to work with you to understand your concerns and put things right.

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If a consumer is dissatisfied with the decision we have reached on their complaint, they may be able to refer their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service ('FOS') for independent review. The FOS website,, also provides data in relation to complaints they have received about NHBC.

The Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"), the regulatory body that governs the financial services industry, sets out standards for how insurers and banks must handle customer complaints.

The following table provides our complaints data for the period 1 October 2023 – 31 March 2024.

Number of complaints opened 496
Number of complaints closed 491
Number of complaints closed within 3 days (%) 3.3%
Number of complaints closed within 8 weeks (%) 99.6%
% of complaints upheld 65.2%
Main cause of complaints opened Delays/timescales


During the period 1 October 2023 – 31 March 2024 we received 496 complaints. As the number of policies in force during the same period was 1.46 million, this equates to 0.34 complaints per 1,000 policies.

Of the complaints reviewed during this period, 65% of complaints were upheld, which means that we agreed with the customer and took action to put things right.