Housing concepts for the future

We’re all on a journey to the ‘future home’ but how do you prepare for the future when the policy landscape is shifting, trends in MMC are changing and technology is evolving all the time?

Progress waits for no-one but navigating your way through can be challenging. That’s why Building for Tomorrow exists. It’s the event where you can hear the latest from the people driving the agenda, learn from those who are or have piloted schemes using new technologies and ask the experts about the challenges your business faces as you move towards 2025 and beyond.  

Building for Tomorrow is the event where innovation and pragmatic solutions meet. Where maintaining build quality takes centre stage alongside new technology and construction methods. Don’t get left behind. 

What can you expect?

Expertise and experience

Insightful presentations and an expert panel explore the latest policies for future homes, housing concepts that have been tried and tested and quality issues in a changing climate.

Innovation and solutions

Meet a wide range of exhibitors representing the latest in products, components and technologies to elevate your understanding and develop your business.

Networking opportunities

Make valuable contacts with like-minded, future-focused professionals who understand the challenges ahead.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting?

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