Construction Quality Services

Helping you improve quality and consistency

The quality of new build homes is and always has been at the heart of our business. With over 80 years’ experience in helping to improve the construction standards of new homes, we provide unrivalled experience, expertise and unique data.

We are now offering a range of construction quality services to all, not just to our registered builders/developers. So, whether you are registered with us or you’re a housing association, contractor, designer or architect, we have the skills, data and industry intelligence to support you to:

  • further improve quality
  • reduce the cost of remedial works
  • improve consistency
  • help find efficiencies in the build process
  • provide greater customer satisfaction.


These services can be used on their own or in combinations, depending on your needs.

two people in site safety clothing standing on scaffolding while looking at the development

Construction Quality Reviews

Independent, expert help for your site quality

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people in site safety clothing and hard hats standing on scaffolding while looking at plans

Build Quality Inspections

Bespoke inspections for problematic areas

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a photo of someone using a modern, white laptop to analyse data

Industry Construction Quality Analysis

Benchmarking and identifying your opportunities to improve quality

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a guy wearing site safety clothing sitting in an office talking on the phone

Monthly / Quarterly Quality Data Reports

Utilising our data to your advantage

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Training for your staff

Helping your people get it right first time

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two people in site safety clothing and hard hats talking on a development

Construction Quality Forums

Interactive forums - covering common challenges across the industry

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a photo of a row of red brick houses on a sunny day

Construction Quality Photo Export

A picture says a 1000 words, especially in high definition

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