Land Quality Service for house builders and developers

Taking the risk out of NHBC Standards compliance

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Our Land Quality Service removes uncertainty, reduces costly potential delays in the development process and adds value to your land.

Core benefits of Land Quality Service to House Builders:

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Meets NHBC Standards for warranty cover

An NHBC Land Quality Service certificate demonstrates that the land has been assessed to NHBC Standards and we will be happy to offer warranty on the homes , subject to any identified outstanding matters.

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One supplier avoids delays

Our in-house geotechnical and geo-environmental engineers will work closely with our warranty specialists, cutting out any potential delays on land quality issues.

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Early, proactive engagement

Engaging our specialists so early in the development process allows us to be proactive in helping you come up with solutions and resolve issues up front, leaving no ‘nasty surprises’ for the future.

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Identifies issues for the future

We’ll help you identify any outstanding issues related to the investigation, remediation, reclamation and validation stages that would need resolution prior to, or during, the residential development.

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