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NHBC Accepts - our service for innovative construction

NHBC Accepts is our comprehensive review service for innovative products and systems. From the UK’s leading new homes warranty and insurance provider, NHBC Accepts is the fast-track route for acceptance for building products and systems used in homes covered by all NHBC warranty products.

We’ve been helping to improve build quality through NHBC Standards since 1936. We provide warranty and insurance for around 70-80% of the new homes built in the UK each year with circa one million on site inspections carried out annually. As an active supporter of safe and sustainable new methods of construction, products, systems and materials, we're using our scale and expertise to help build confidence in innovation.  

If you see the NHBC Accepts logo, you can be sure that we have rigorously assessed that innovative product or system and that we consider it can meet our robust standards, giving confidence to developers, investors, lenders and homeowners. It also demonstrates that, subject to appropriate design and installation, the product or system can be used in homes covered by an NHBC warranty.

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NHBC Accepts launch with Mark Farmer and Richard Lankshear

NHBC Accepts for MMC manufacturers

With NHBC Accepts, we can review your product or system and, if it meets our stringent standards, give you licence to use the NHBC Accepts logo in all your marketing materials. We’ll also list it in our searchable database as an accepted product or system.


You can expect a personalised, professional service. The team will carry out detailed and robust technical reviews at key stages and keep in touch with you about their findings. Our assessment processes are transparent and thorough. We carry out ongoing reviews of the product design, manufacture and construction and share our findings with you to help you continually improve your system or product.

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Acceptance under NHBC Accepts is not mandatory and there are many ways that a product or system can be shown to meet NHBC Standards. Please refer to NHBC Standards, Chapter 2.1, requirement R3.

NHBC Accepts for registered builders

An NHBC Accepts certificate demonstrates that an innovative product or system has already been reviewed by us, reducing the risk of delays on site and giving confidence to your buyers and lenders.

You can also have confidence that the product or system has undergone our detailed assessment and review before you procure it too. When working with an innovative system, a manufacturer can now easily demonstrate the answer to a common question – does NHBC accept this?

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