a man in site safety clothing and a hard hat smiling at the camera

Apprenticeship case studies

With every survey and study confirming the benefits of apprenticeships for both employees and employers, is it time for you to take the next step? If you’re still unsure, don’t just take our word for it, hear what our apprentices and employers have to say of their own experiences and the difference the scheme has made to them.

Real lives, real experiences

No one knows more about NHBC’s apprenticeships than the employers and employees that have been a part of the programme, and there's no better way to understand what the experience is really like than to hear it directly from those involved. Explore our case study section and discover what employers and apprentices have to say about NHBC's apprenticeships scheme and the difference it has made to them, both personally and professionally.

From Newcastle upon Tyne to Brighton, from the site to the head office, our apprentices and their employers have great stories to tell.

Apprentice case studies

Learn from those that have been there before and find out the type of roles on offer.

a man in site safety clothing and a hard hat smiling at the camera

Kris Anderson, Countryside

We spoke with 24 year-old Kris Anderson, who started his Construction Site Supervisor apprenticeship with Countryside on their 115-plot site in Blackthorn, Northampton.

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young man in white button shirt and red stripe tie in front of information board in office.

Brad Lines, Redrow

We spoke with 21 year-old Brad Lines of Redrow, who is on the Trainee Assistant Site Manager course to find out about his experience completing an NHBC Apprenticeship…

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Lilly Wren, Taylor Wimpey

22 year-old Lilly Wrenn from Taylor Wimpey, began her NVQ and started the NHBC apprenticeship for Construction Site Supervisor last November.

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Employer case studies

Discover the benefits of apprenticeships from the employers that are a part of scheme.

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Hear first hand what employers have to say

We caught up with Anna Milne, Redrow's Head of Talent to hear about their first hand experience of our apprenticeships. Anna explains how the company's set of five apprentices have found the new Training Hub.

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