Tom Warner, LTW Developments Ltd: NHBC's Apprenticeship scheme

Tom Warner, LTW Developments Ltd: NHBC's Apprenticeship scheme
Tom Warner
LTW Developments Ltd
Start Date
May 2021

When Tom decided to change his plans after leaving school he quickly realised he wanted a more practical option. That was when his career in construction began through an apprenticeship with LTW Developments and training at the NHBC Bricklaying hub.


19 year-old Tom works with his dad Ken Warner at LTW Developments in Bolton. Tom looked at A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, but realised that he would prefer to do something more practical in the long-term. He had been labouring on site before he started his apprenticeship and Ken found out about the opportunity as LTW Developments is an NHBC Registered Builder.

Why apprentices are key to the future of construction

NHBC’s purpose is to raise standards in house building by championing high-quality homes and protecting homeowners.

However, the growing skills shortage in construction puts the industry’s ability to build high-quality homes at risk. That’s why NHBC has created a dedicated Bricklaying hub in the central location of Tamworth to support the industry and train apprentices in this crucial skill.

It also gives those looking to get into the construction industry the high-quality training and support they need right from the start.

Getting a head start on site

One of the challenges apprentices can face is learning to be on a site without being there. Construction sites are busy and pressured environments, so how can we give apprentices the time and space to learn but also ensure they are productive on site from day one?

NHBC have worked to support the house-building industry and provide a solution through its Bricklaying hubs, which recreate a site environment by:

  • Reflecting a real-life site through the layout of the facility
  • Having an outdoor working area that is used throughout the year
  • Applying the same health and safety standards as you’d experience on site
  • Working to site hours, rather than traditional college hours
  • Employing knowledgeable tutors with first-hand experience of working on sites themselves

“I’ve enjoyed being at the hub, there’s lots of space to work and there’s always someone around to help you. I think it’s more like a real site than a college and I’ve been able to go on to site and apply the things I’ve learned straight away.”

Building careers in construction

Tom recently completed his bricklaying apprenticeship and now has the skills for a long and rewarding career in construction.

Ken Warner, Director at LTW Developments said ‘I knew Tom wanted to do something more practical and construction could offer him that opportunity. Having heard about the bricklaying apprenticeship through NHBC it felt like things had fallen into place at just the right time. It’s been a great experience for him, and the apprenticeship was ideal for someone who was new to the construction industry. I feel confident he now has the necessary skills to progress his career.”

At a time when the industry needs high-quality bricklayers NHBC is proud to support apprenticeships that benefit both the individuals and the industry, securing a bright future for house building.

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