How to apply for a construction apprenticeship

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How do I get started with my existing employer?

If you are already employed and want to start an NHBC apprenticeship, speak to your line manager to ask if they would be willing to support you. Make sure you let your employer know what funding is available. You’ll need to sign a commitment statement which sets out how they will support you.

Information for employers

Apprenticeships are a fantastic pathway into construction related areas and the perfect way to help people develop required skills adding real value to your business.

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Ready to apply?

If your employer has agreed to support you through an apprenticeship you can complete our application form. 

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Looking for a construction apprenticeship but not currently employed?

To be eligible for a construction apprenticeship you must be employed in a related job role. We work with Talentview Construction who can help match you with employers. Are you ready to kickstart your career into construction?

Top tips to help you succeed

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Research the apprenticeship

Research the apprenticeship thoroughly and make sure it is right for you and your circumstances

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Know the role

You’ll need to know the role inside-out for your application and any possible interviews - so do your research. Some courses have a lot of competition, so you need to make sure you demonstrate your commitment.

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Write down relevant experience

If you have relevant experience, write it down, along with your hobbies and interests, especially if they’ve taught you skills that might come in handy during the apprenticeship.

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Don't use the same application

Don’t use the same application for lots of different apprenticeship applications, tailor your application to the role you’re applying for and be as specific as possible.

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Prepare for your personal statement

The application form will be similar to a job application. There is a section for a personal statement so start planning what you might write here, especially why you want an apprenticeship in construction.

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Check your application

Writing might not be your favourite thing so make sure someone checks over what you write before you send it off. Good spelling, punctuation and grammar are all important and it's worth the extra effort.