Incentives and grants

Grants are available to recognise the extra cost, resource and time involved in recruiting and training apprentices

Apprenticeship funding

Recruiting apprentices and funding their education represents a commitment by employers to supporting the next generation of construction specialists. Acknowledging this, the UK Government offers a number of incentives and grants to make the process even easier financially. School leavers, those currently or previously in care, those with additional needs, and a number of other groups, each entitle the employer to one of more cash enticements or grants.

Funding is available from CITB and the Apprenticeship Levy. We can advise you on the most appropriate funding options based on your learners’ prior experience and/or qualifications.

ESFA funding

To recognise the potential extra cost, resource and time involved in recruiting and retaining younger apprentices,  the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) will pay £1000 per apprentice for the following: 

  • they are between the ages of 16-19.
  • if they are aged 19-24 and on a Local Authority Education, Health and Care plan
  • aged 19-24 and have been in the care of a Local Authority

Incentive payments of £500 at 6 months and £500 at 12 months on programme are made to NHBC as your training provider but will be passed on to your company within 30 days of receipt.

More information on ESFA funding and eligibility is available here.

CITB grants

If your company is a CITB Levy payer or eligible to receive CITB grant payments, you can claim:

  • £2,500 per year attendance grant, valid for the time your apprentice is attending training once they have completed 13 full weeks.
  • £3,500 completion grant, valid once your apprentice has fully completed the apprenticeship standard.  This must include maths and English functional skills, if the learner has not already achieved this prior to sign up.

CITB also provide financial support for apprentice travel and accommodation “travelling to train”.

  • 80% of accommodation and subsistence costs for apprentices staying away for block training. The employer is required to pay for the remaining 20% of the total cost.
  • Travel costs that exceed £30 per week per apprentice, only the excess amount will be claimable.

To safeguard apprentices and achieve volume booking discounts, accommodation is sourced by CITB’s approved hotel provider.  Accommodation is booked on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis.

Accommodation funding and/or travel costs can only be claimed for apprentices employed by CITB registered, grant eligible employers in England, Scotland and Wales.

More information and current CITB rates are available here or contact your local CITB representative via

Additional support

Find out more on Government guidance for claiming and if you're entitled to more support.

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